Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Uniquely Minnesota Artful Distraction—Homeowner Version: Little Gnome Facts in Forest Lake

Or should I say it is a fact that a little gnome is yard art in Forest Lake, Minnesota. This amazing tree carving and Uniquely Minnesota Artful Distraction makes its home just off of Broadway, the main street of Forest Lake commerce. As a Realtor working in the northeast metro, I see this type of art in yards all over Washington and Anoka Counties. I discovered the little guy one day when I was driving a different route to pick up one of my son's friends. Now, I take my family by it often, as we love its whimsy. He is pretty good sized too with the mushrooms, the sculpture is about 5 feet tall.

As a lover of fantasy literature, “Gnomes” was one of the first tabletop art books I ever purchased as a college student and I still own it today. I never understood why others think of Garden Gnomes as creepy unless it is like the people with the unnatural fear of clowns. Love ‘em or hate ‘em this gnome is a pretty unique piece of landscape art.

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