Friday, April 25, 2008

Uniquely Minnesota Artful Distractions—Homeowner Version: Black Bear in Columbus....GRRR!

Daily trips from Ham Lake to Forest Lake are a part of my routine. If I have to travel to the south part of town my options are limited due to the wetlands in the Carlos Avery Nature Preserve which stretches from Anoka to Chisago County.

My favorite short cut through Columbus, Minnesota is well traveled. County Road 19 or Potomac can shave several minutes off a commute to Forest Lake Senior High by avoiding the stoplights on Broadway. My daily travels take me down this 55 mph road but I often slow down when I pass this wonderful piece of chainsaw art...the black bear and tree.

The first time I saw it, I marveled at the detail in the bear contrasted to the tree he is entwined with. The tree is as smooth as a piece of driftwood. Both figures seem to be carved out of the same tree…but yet they don’t.

At either rate, it is another wonderful example of a uniquely Minnesota roadside distraction!

Other Uniquely Minnesota Artful Distractions:

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