Saturday, June 28, 2008

Uniquely Minnesota Artful Distractions--Homeowner Version: Steel Dragons in Blaine

A decade ago when we made our move to Anoka County, unique sites along the road often surprised us. There were the little buildings resembling outhouses near the end of every driveway. These of course are shelters for children waiting for the school bus. There were hawks on roadside power lines looking down to the road or a sod field looking for its next meal to run by. And then there would be something to really stop you in your tracks…Something that looks like a steel dragon!

When we first saw this Artful Distraction in Blaine, it was nose to nose with its mirror image. The pair of shining steel sculptures glistened as they blocked the driveway and guarded the entry to the property. I have to admit, I have never noticed the actual home they protect but when looking at these entwined serpents, I imagined a castle.

In my real estate travels, I get to past these metallic serpents on a regular basis. Lately the pair has been apart, leaving access wide open to the property. From the looks of things, overgrown grass and unattended trash receptacles, I imagine there is a new owner in the home who doesn’t need the added security of a pair of silver steel dragons. But even apart, the spectacle doesn’t go without notice and remains a favorite and very unique distraction along a Minnesota roadway.

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