Thursday, February 26, 2009

2008 Real Estate Market Statistics Ham Lake, Forest Lake, Lino Lakes and Blaine MN….It’s All in the Details!

Real estate marketing statistics have been thrown around in the media lately as commonly and as randomly as a toddler tosses around a bowl full of Cheerios. Just like those darn O’s, numbers and stats are everywhere! But with so random of a disbursement, does a home buyer or seller really get what they mean?

Since the beginning of the year, I have been posting real estate market statistics for the communities in the north metro where I do the bulk of my business. While I work in Anoka County, Southern Chisago County, North and Eastern Ramsey County and North Washington County, the focus of my business is Ham Lake, Blaine, Lino Lakes and all communities in the Forest Lake and Centennial school districts.

There are two types of reporting that I post. The first is a quick snapshot report that includes information taken directly from the Minneapolis REALTORS® Association
Top 100+ Report that includes statistics for 205 different Twin Cities communities. I put these stats along with a quick synopsis of what happened during the past year. I have done quite a few of these "short and sweet" looks into the basic real estate housing stats for several communities.

Housing Statistic Snapshots

But as is said,
the devil is in the details (or God as the case may be). I have another version of market reports for specific communities are not snapshots. In the communities that I work in on a daily basis, I want to really help people to understand the market so I take good hard look at the real estate sales on a quarterly basis and post a more detailed report. I also post a year end review several communities I work in and know well.

When I take the time to pull statistics directly from the Twin Cities Multiple Listing Service (MLS) I look for specific details like cumulative days on the market (CDOM). This comes into play every time a home is relisted as a new listing in the MLS. The snapshots DOM do not take relisting into account so the time on the market appears to be much shorter than it really is in some area.

I also look at CDOM by price point. Homes in the lower price ranges are selling much more quickly that in the higher price points. A quick overview does not get that specific.

Since each community is unique, I will examine different things in different areas. Blaine has an abundance of townhomes. Since townhomes are lingering on the market in all price points, this does have an affect on the CDOM if the sales are looked as an aggregate. But if the townhomes and single family homes are looked at separately, the details give home buyers and sellers more useful information than a one-size-fits-all quick look at the market. Now in Forest Lake, lakeshore homes are a focus while in Ham Lake and Lino Lakes, acreage comes into play.

Knowing how to pull the right comparables and read the market comes from knowing a specific area and what makes the community different. Finding a REALTOR® that knows the details is imperative when buying or and selling a home in this topsy-turvey, continually changing real estate market. There is no one-size-fits-all agent when buying or selling a home today. It is necessary to work with an expert.

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