Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Staging to Sell--It Looked Better on the Paint Chip!

Years ago, my sister and her husband built a new home in an Oakdale development. We lived in a mile away in North St. Paul at the time so we drove by often and watched as several homes were constructed in the neighborhood. This development didn’t have restrictive covenants so there were various styles of homes with differing colors and types of siding giving the area a very eclectic look. As one home we passed by often was starting to look more like a home than a construction project, we noticed the PURPLE door! The house itself, mind you, was a beautiful slate blue, but the door was a striking shade of purple. We were certain it was a mistake!
As it turned out, we had a mutual friend in common with the homeowner of the house with the purple door. So we asked about the very unusual color choice. We were told that it wasn’t a mistake, the owner LIKES purple…Okay we live in Minnesota and it was the 1980’s, Prince was big at time and then there is the Purple & Gold Viking colors so whatever floats someones boat is okay with me. But from that day on, whenever we drove by the house, we remarked, “It must have looked better on the paint chip”.

And over the years, this saying has become code between my husband and I when we visit a friend’s home who has a love for flamboyant or unusual colors.

As a REALTOR® I have to view many homes and from time to time when I am asked to do a market analysis, I come across a “better on the paint chip” room, door or house. When marketing your home, it is essential to make certain your own personality does not prevent the buyer from seeing the details of your home. If a bright orange kitchen counter, hot pink bathroom or lime green playroom is the way you have made your home your own, I do think that is an awesome way to personalize your space. But, you are going to be moving and your favorite colors choices are too wild, it could hamper your sale. Bold colors in internet photos could knock your home right off many potential buyers’ favorite homes lists. And in this slowly recovering real estate market, you don’t want to lose any potential buyers over something as simple to change as paint.
Stage your home with neutrals to bring out the details and style of your home. You want the buyers to feel welcome in your home. That can be difficult as people are quickly often turned off a home by colors they view as a mistake.

Not sure if your home has a “better on the paint chip” colored room? Let me help you get your home picture-perfect ready for a quick sale.
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