Monday, March 4, 2013

Staging on a Budget--Create Your Own Art to Stage YOUR Home for Sale!

For many years we didn't have much in the way of art on our walls. Short of framed school portraits of our kids and drawings magneted to the fridge, we were somewhat artless. It wasn't that we didn't go and look for that perfect painting for over the sofa or fireplace. There were so very few items we could agree were worth a few hundred dollars. What if we grew tired of it after all? So after almost a decade of bare walls, we now have art and it wasn't expensive either.

Art and decor is a really important part of the process of staging your home for sale. If your home is going to be on the listed on the market this spring decor art on the walls can make a difference in how the home is perceived. It is critical that any pictures are not too personal like a family portrait. It is best to stick to florals, landscapes and similar non-personal objects. 

So did I create inexpensive art for my home? I had two great ideas.

First Idea...Frame a Card!

I found blank notes that were made from real pressed flowers and framed them for the wall next to our stairway. Using frames I bought on clearance from Target, mat boards and these cards, I had art similar to what I found framed in a decor store for a fraction of the price. When I priced out framed pressed flowers at specialty shops, they were priced $30-50 each. But when I purchased the clearance frames, mats and note cards I paid about $30 total!

Second Idea...Print a Favorite Photo!

We love Como Park and I have dozens of photos of the flowers, animals and buildings. I took four favorite photos, printed in sepia tones and framed up in clearance frames to display in our hallway. These frames came with mats so I didn't have additional expense. Total cost? $24.

Think you cannot find good frames that cheap? Not so. I like Target because they tend to update their frame selection 3 or 4 times a year. I watch for clearance prices of 50% to 75% off. for the best deals. I also select neutral frames so I have more versatility of where they can be displayed. Thrift stores can be another place to pick up frames if you want a more eclectic look. blank walls when staging your home. Create decor on the cheap. Who knows...You might like it so much, you will want to display it in your new home too! 

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